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Mary Ann

BeMOR Management


“Definition of a Lady” Film Credits

BeU Productions


“Definition of a Lady”

Directed By

Nicholas Vedros

Written By

Beu Sisters


Candice, Christie and Danielle Beu


The Dreamers

Cast of Characters

The Little Lady Candice: Lexi Brandt

The Little Lady Christie: Kaitlyn Brandt

The Little Lady Danielle: Arabella Buksar

The Mother: MaryAnn O’Reilly

The MC: On-Dre

The Dream Keeper #1: Gabrielle Beu

The Dream Keeper #2: Alex Meager

The Red Ballerina: Julia Beu

The Strawberry Girl: Jilaine Beu-Shea

The Painter: Elaina Johnson

The Lady Bug Fairy: Brittany Gaither

The Queen Bee: Tia McDonald

The Tea Ladies:

Dascha Dandera & Liz Turner

The LBB Dancers:

#1 Raya Maday

#2 Jazzman Gentle

#3 Alyssa Bradock

The Magic Show Audience Members:

Damian Beu, Haley Carr, Marshal Skeen, Cody Slack, On-Dre

Jilaine Beu-Shea


The Magic Flower Lady: Kristy Brandt


Executive Producers: Candice, Christie, and Danielle Beu

Director: Nicholas Vedros

Director of Cinematography: Michael Stine

Assistant Director: Candice Beu

Editor: Nicholas Vedros

Assistant Editor: Chris Rucinski

Steady Cam: Daniel Stilling

Second AD: MaryAnn O’Reilly

Assistant to the Director/Talent Wrangler: Jilaine Beu-Shea


Production Design by Candice and Danielle Beu


Production Manager: Jilaine Beu-Shea

Key Production Assistant: Cody Slack

Production Assistant: Dascha Dandera

Lighting/Grip Technicians: Richard Dyne & Keith Gaynor

Hair and Make-up:

The Hair Ladies: Haley Carr & Mary Ann O’Reilly

The Make-Up Ladies: Danielle Beu, Haley Carr & Renee Howell


Face Painting by Danielle Beu


Costume Design by Candice, Christie and Danielle Beu

Wardrobe Assistant: Dascha Dandera

*Special thanks, for additional costuming, to Renee Howell, Liz Turner and Orlando Vintage*


ADR by Christie Beu and On-Dre

Sound Effects: Christie and Candice Beu

Sound Editing: Christie Beu

Sound Mixing: On-Dre


Soundtrack performed by Beu Sisters (Courtesy of Beach Breakz Records)

“Daze” written by Christie Beu

“Definition of a Lady” written by Candice Beu & On-Dre

The Art Department (Props & Set Crew)

Art Direction by Candice and Danielle Beu

Set Construction by Brett Buksar & Marshall Skeen

Props: Candice, Christie and Danielle Beu, MaryAnn O’Reilly & Marshal Skeen

Set Design Artists: Dascha Dandera, Jilaine Beu-Shea, Danielle Beu & Candice Beu

Additional Crew and Child Care

Charlene Atkinson

Elaina Johnson

Brittany Gaither


Runner #1:Damian Beu

Runner #2: Gabrielle Beu

Pyro Technician: Jilaine Beu-Shea


Craft Services provided by Gabrielle Beu

*With special thanks to Andy & Stacey Johnson-Beu, Clint Yeates, & Dascha Dandera for providing extra help*


*Special Thanks to Mom’s House and the neighbors for allowing us to film there*


*Special Thanks to Dad’s House for the loaning of certain props and costume pieces*


*Thanks to everyone at “The Ted House”  for their patience with the process*



Chad Shea

Vedros Motion

The Brandt Family


All our generous supporters and volunteers (especially the clean up crew), who made this project possible,

we offer our sincere gratitude & love.


*We dedicate this project to all*

The Fam


“ These Ladies are unstoppable” ~ On-Dre, Producer

“I LOVE these Ladies”~ Mom

“Amazing talent! It’s a Beu-tiful thing” ~ People on the Beu Sisters Payroll

“Stop reading these reviews & watch this video already!”~ Beu Sisters